Yeah, I think I’m having too much fun lately. I got a wireless adapter for my Wacom Tablet yesterday, which put me in a drawing mood.
Currently working on Breeze’s sprite style by drawing him in different poses.

In the last picture, I’m working on the viewport and perspective of the game world. I’m shooting for something more parallax, so the grid might end up being a little more flat so that it will be easier for me to make slopes and other things.

I’m also looking into recruiting a background artist! Email if interested!




Coming to you soon!
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Check out another project I’m working on called “Tado Toss” (shameless cross-promotion ;) )

Get ready for a game full of Cute Animals bashing each other with various weaponized produce in a variety of arenas!

I’ve done majority of the character designs, as well as most of the coding. This is going to be one fun, multiplayer game!